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Persia Electrical Industries Store was established in 2001 under the management of Mr. Majid Ebrahimifar with the aim of providing services in the field of buying and selling electrical and electronic equipment. Central, home and industrial transformers and copper wires and supplies of appropriate quality to meet the electrical needs of society. And since 2016 in the field of building intelligence has started its activities in the field of buying and selling equipment and implementing smart projects due to the needs of society, and from different and reputable brands of smart and based on the type of project needs and customer satisfaction according to the protocol BUSPRO-KNX-Z_Wave runs. And this store has the ability to provide valid goods in the field of lighting such as radius, FEC, Mazi Noor and North Star directly and without intermediaries for the welfare of customers in the implementation of the project and the ability. And has represented the products of companies such as Simaran, Lali, Royan Wire and Cable, TV Jack TV stand, Negar Azmayesh, StarStar and Frequency.

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